This webinar was recorded on November 7, 2017

Modern mentoring goes beyond the traditional one-to-one mentoring model that has been adapted through the years. Traditional mentoring is still popular, but with the increasing number of millennials joining the workforce, organizations are beginning to include more contemporary forms of mentoring. These programs embrace a new approach where everyone is considered equal, rather than senior or junior, and the mentoring environments are more casual or even virtual.

In this webinar, we discussed 5 modern mentoring concepts that can facilitate learning within your organization that is more agile and allows for a larger possibility of knowledge sharing.

  • Flash Mentoring – How does it work?
  • Virtual Mentoring – What are the pros and cons?
  • Group Mentoring – Advantages and Disadvantages. 
  • Reverse Mentoring- How to make this relationship successful. 
  • Speed Mentoring- How is it beneficial?

The presentation is around 40 to 50 minutes in length, with the remaining portion of the hour being a Q&A from our mentoring expert Judy Corner. 

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Meet the presenter:


Judy Corner | Director of Mentoring at Insala

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Judy's Bio:

Judy has over 29 years of experience providing customized human resources consulting services to medium to large organizations. Specifically in the area of mentoring, during the last twenty-four years, she has designed and delivered mentoring workshops, mentor and mentee training, a complete mentoring methodology - Hi-Impact Mentoring® - in both handbook and online versions, various focused and subject tailored mentoring solutions, and published a range of mentoring articles. In addition, she has been a speaker at various conferences and organizational functions, and has delivered the comprehensive Hi-Impact Mentoring® process within varied industries for many Fortune 1000 organizations.