Broadcast  Date: March 1st 2017 

Your mentoring program will more successful if it’s supported with the right marketing. Creating and executing a marketing campaign isn’t always an easy task if you haven’t done it before or don’t have the necessary marketing skills.
At Insala we have advised and assisted many organizations on how to market their mentoring programs with one goal in mind -  Creating successful relationships to achieve your business objectives. 

Our mentoring subject matter expert Judy Corner will be sharing the following agenda that will help you start planning your marketing activities. 

  1. Creating your marketing plan – What tasks should be included?
  2. How to create awareness to your program? For managers, mentors, mentees,     executives.
  3. Recruiting mentors and mentees that meet your program objectives.  
  4. Reporting on marketing success
  5. Keeping the program alive through marketing.

The presentation will take around 40 to 50 minutes, with the remaining hour be a Q&A from our mentoring expert Judy Corner. This will be your chance to speak to an expert.

We look forward to seeing you there. Simply fill out the form on the right and you will be emailed your invite today.


Meet the presenter:


Judy Corner | Director of Mentoring at Insala

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Judy's Bio:

Judy has over 29 years of experience providing customized human resources consulting services to medium to large organizations. Specifically in the area of mentoring, during the last twenty-four years, I have designed and delivered mentoring workshops, mentor and mentee training, a complete mentoring methodology - Hi-Impact Mentoring® - in both handbook and online versions, various focused and subject tailored mentoring solutions, and published a range of mentoring articles. In addition, I have been a speaker at various conferences and organizational functions, and have delivered the comprehensive Hi-Impact Mentoring® process within varied industries for many Fortune 1000 organizations.