E-Book - How to launch a Mentoring Program - Your 4 Key Steps



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You probably already thought about why you should launch a mentoring program. But do you know how to get it off the ground quickly?
What are the key steps needed to create a program that is sustainable and successful?
Creating effective mentoring program isn’t always easy, but our e-book will walk you through the best way to do it in 4 simple steps. 
Download our e-book today to learn tips and advice on how to launch a mentoring program:
  • How can launching a mentoring program impact your organization? 
  • Getting Started - The 4 Insala Steps.
  • What tasks are essential for planning and launching your program.
  • How do you measure results and make improvement
  • Keeping the program alive – Sustainability
Our e-book has been written by experts with over 30 years of experience with creating mentoring program.