With the continued desire for career development opportunities, organizations around the world are taking a closer look at how technology can help them to provide programs like mentoring and coaching for their employees. The use of technology can have a significant impact on both types of programs, and even enhance the organization's overall career development. Matt Adams Insala

For this topic, it's important to get insight people that know the most about the mentoring and coaching technology that Insala provides. This information can give some insight on how technology can affect an organization’s career development effort.

First, Insala's Executive Vice-President of Client Solutions, Matt Adams, gave some insight into the benefits that an organization can expect when they choose to incorporate technology into their career development programs.

For Overall Career Development

  • Allows for self-directed career development activities for employees to take charge of their careers
  • Ability to affect a larger population to include the entire employee database
  • Ability to integrate career development activities with all other talent development activities, i.e. recruiting, onboarding, performance, succession planning, transition.

For Mentoring Programs

  • Automate mentoring process and remove administrative work 93-100%
  • Automated, algorithmic matching.
  • Automated communication and messaging throughout relationship and process to include surveys and feedback

For Coaching Programs

  • Ability to browse coaches or match through automated algorithms
  • Centralized area to manage all coaching relationships.
  • Report on single relationships as well as aggregate reports on overall program activity.Doug Maxwell Insala

It's also necessary to go straight to the source to find out how technology can enhance an organization's career development  programs and give them the most benefits. Insala's Chief Technology Officer, Doug Maxwell, expressed his thoughts on the use of technology for career development. 

Doug said, “We find often that the Insala platform technology fills a vital need as a data aggregate from various sources, including HRIS, employee input, stakeholder input and third-party data sources.  The result is a rich and accessible data set useful in both identifying need and carrying out career development activities.”

The information that Doug offered takes a different approach to the subject, as he points at that the benefits of using technology  extend even to the process of implementing a career development program and cutting down on the data needed to make it successful.