This webinar was recorded on April 17, 2019.

Staying with one organization for life has become a thing of the past. People are becoming more conscious of their career development needs and moving to new organizations that they feel will help them move forward on their career path. While many organizations are seeing more employees leaving, it’s important that they don't forget about them.

Implementing a corporate alumni network allows organizations to harness the power of their alumni to create brand ambassadors, develop their business, and enhance their culture. Lifelong relationships with alumni can open up many new doors for organizations that were previously inaccessible to them - or that they may not have known existed at all.

During this webinar we discussed:

  • Building a Culture for Alumni throughout the Employee Experience.
  • Achieving Return on Investment
  • Achieving Return on Relationship

The presentation is around 45 minutes in length, with the remaining portion being a Q&A session with the presenters.

We hope you enjoy the recording.

Meet the Presenters:

MatthewMatthew Heilman

Implementation Consultant for Learning and Development

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14265043_10106167680705455_1950365585976004136_nKatie Mouton

Digital Marketing Specialist

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image (7)Nick Jones

SaaS Sales Consultant, EMEA

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